Our Values

The goal of our values matrix is to create a positive and safe learning environment that enables the student to learn the necessary skills to access education. Our values matrix establishes what behaviours should look, sound and feel like for our students. We explicitly teach these behaviours as skills. We introduce, model and reinforce these with each student, based on their individualised needs. These skills are necessary for students to successfully navigate their life in a positive, safe and meaningful way.


Be Hopeful

  • Plan for your future
  • Accept your strengths and build on your gaps
  • Advocate for yourself
  • Practice problem solving
  • Find your people

Be a Learner

  • Use coping and regulation strategies
  • Seek help
  • Communicate your thoughts and clarify instructions
  • Track and celebrate your growth

Be Kind

  • Take time to care for your physical and mental self
  • Uncover what brings you enjoyment
  • Use a growth mindset of “I haven’t got it yet”
  • Take supported risks

How we teach our values as personal and social skills


Discuss strengths and gaps to build IEP


Introduce the skill and discuss what it means to the student


Demonstrate and model


Role play and practice in different contexts


Strengthen practice of skills and provide positive feedback


Review, adjust and practice until automatic
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