Group Curriculum

Avenues Education operates two group programs, the Inpatient Program and the Outpatient Pathways Education Program (PEP) during school terms.

Both programs expose students to an education environment, teachers and curriculum.

Teachers work with students to develop the skills to engage with the curriculum and education environment, and to transfer these skills and experience to their school/setting of origin. Avenues Education group programs focus on educational outcomes based on the Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical, and Personal and Social Capabilities Framework as defined within the Victorian Curriculum.

This is a short-term program taking up to 8 participants. Groups take place for 1 hour during the week on a number of days plus additional 1:1 Teacher support if required. Only those students admitted to the Box Hill Adolescent Inpatient Unit (AIPU) can access the group program providing a referral and consent form have been completed.  The group is facilitated at the Box Hill AIPU in the Group Room.

This program runs three 4 hour sessions a week for 8 weeks plus individual educational sessions and follow-up support to transition students at the end of the program, taking up to a limited number of participants. Avenues Education Outpatient PEP Group Program is facilitated at the Ringwood East demountable site.

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